It’s the Most Annoying Day of the Year…

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Sing it with me.

I have to have blogged about it before. Our district (at least all of the un-charter schools that I know of in our district) doesn’t post class lists until after the office closes on the Friday before school starts. School then starts on Monday. I have a few thoughts on this:

1. Privacy issues? Someone told me they can post names and class lists outside the school because of privacy concerns. So, they get postcards in the last month before school.

2. Just bugged. And, I’m bugged every single year. I get the reason that you don’t want parents complaining, but there are to be a line between parents complaining and what’s good for the kids/parents. In fact, in the past they’ve told Kindergartener’s who their teacher would be in July — but not this year. We’re all still in the dark (although some of the K teachers have contacted their students… not mine though {sigh}).

3. I think I’m realizing I don’t like secrets. I just don’t feel good about things that people know that they’re not supposed to tell anyone else. {sigh}

So, what does your school do? I aboslutely adore our pricipal, but it’s so hard for me to wrap my head around why this all has to happen so late in the game. You, YOU my fine reader — tell me what your school does. I wanna know. Really. I do. Hit comment. Now.

Yes, you.

Of course, it is exciting… at this last minute stuff. And, it provides a blog each year. I should be grateful for it. Right?

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    Our school always tells what classes kids are in back in June, but we are special :) This year they posted it on the web site with a password that parents were told. I thought that was a great plan.

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    You asked. The boys are in a dual language program and the information about who will be teaching which grade always leaks out at the end of the school year. Dallin’s teacher told me herself that she was continuing on with their same class (yipee!) and it was no secret that the current K teacher would stay on for the following year.

    That being said, I have no idea how our school operates…when the kids find out who their teacher is etc. Sorry. BUt your situation really sounds lame. I’d be ultra-bugged, too.

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    Our school in Cedar tells the kids which class they will be in before school lets out for the summer. They even have an hour one day where everyone goes and meets their new teachers and the graduating class goes to an assembly. Kindergarten is also assigned at this time, but the kids don’t meet their teachers until back to school night just before school starts.

    No idea what our school here in Michigan does. But I did think it was odd that you have to go to the school sometime in August and pick up the classroom supply lists. I’m used to having them mailed to me.

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    The school I taught at had the lists ready before school was out for the summer and we had a “meet your teacher for next year” hour sometime during the last week of school. However, the principal allowed parent requests, which made it SO hard on us teachers. We had to sit and try to split up our classes for the next year, paying attention to behavior problems, special needs, below/above grade level, etc., then go back through and look at parent requests. If someone was in a class and the parent had requested a different one, we’d have to switch them and then find someone to put in the old class to take their place. It was SO frustrating. I don’t like parent request.

    I’m not really sure how the school that my kids go to does it. We’re in the dual immersion program there, and there are specific teachers for each grade so we know exactly who we’re getting. For the regular classes, I thought I saw some class lists posted at back-to-school night, but I didn’t really pay attention. I really like knowing who our teacher is going to be before school starts.

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    We only find out our teachers 2-3 days before school starts. I don’t like it either. This year Travis will be in 3rd grade. He is now familiar w/the other teachers in the school and I think it might be easier on him if he knew a couple “weeks” before school started, who his teacher was going to be.

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    Last day of school (or maybe second to the last) everyone goes to their new teacher’s class to meet her (or him).

    For Middle School the class schedules are available a couple weeks before school starts on the district parentconnect website.

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