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The Wheat Grinder is here… I finally made the decision last week. And I didn’t even blog about it. Most of that is due to the fact that having 3 children is kickin‘ my behind as of late. I may have to lower my personal standards a bit. Possibly the one involving liquor. 😉

I ended-up getting the nutrimill. I guess mostly because we are young (or like to think we are) and this thing has a lifetime warranty. Also it is supposed to fit above my cabinets according to the site — although that’ not quite true… but pretty true. I just can’t have the lid on. Which is fine, because it pretty well touches my ceiling. Anyway, you can just get the gist of how classy I am with my wheat grinder up above my cabinets. Also, that Pleasant hill Grains often has ones on clearance (you needd to call — but I talked to Michelle and she hooked me up) so I got it for 239 with no tax and free shipping. My 2nd place runner, in case you care, was the lower version of this one the vitalmill — the just lowered their prices and it’s only 129 now… pretty cheap. The main differences seem to be the warranty (the Vitalmill is only 5 years) and with the vitalmill you are unable to adjust the flour coarseness… neither of which seems to be huge. I mostly went with the warranty.
ANYWHO, the bread is rising, and I’m excited to taste it. I’m trying to find a great bread recipe now. I googled “cooking with freshly ground flour” and I came-across a lot of great articles about how important it is to eat the “whole grain” instead of just the white flour. I was midly impressed, and felt happy with my decision to buy one. I also got a couple of buckets with Gamma lids from the same place.
Look at me, gettin‘ all Mormon. It is kind of sickening, right?
Sure, say that to my face as I hand you a home-baked loaf of bread, I dare you.
If anyone has great recipes for homemade bread I’d love to hear them. Also, if anyone knows where to get gluten or dough enhancer around here, that’d be just super. 😉 I am guessing whole foods, possibly trader joe’s… perhaps I’ll be makin’ a trip after I take C to scouts.

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    Hi Hilary, I’m one of Lara’s friends from AZ now in TX. I loved your post on moving. So TRUE!

    I’ve been baking bread by hand, too! No wheat grinder yet, but I have been baking with Hodgson Mills Graham Wheat Flour whole grain and it’s been great!

    I’ll post my recipe soon and then I’ll pop by again and share. Any friend of Lara’s is great in my book!


  2. says

    I’ve got two bread recipes from great baker-friends around here. I’ll email them if you’re interested. Both use either dough enhancer or gluten and I get it at our health food store. Love when I get all Mormon and makes strides in domestic stuff! Go you!

  3. says

    I’m sure you’ve probaby already looked into this, but is there a Bosch store in the area? My old visiting teacher made us the BEST bread ever, and I guess it was just the basic Bosch recipe, w/dough enhancer & I think gluten bought from there. Good luck–so ambitious!

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