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My principal ticked me off this morning.

Now, I know there’s a few teachers out there who read my blog, and you’ll all be shocked. Honestly, I have only had amazing experiences at this school and with the principal but I REALLY feel like the whole teacher on medical leave thing has been taken a bit lightly. I think perhaps because I have a job where it is entirely one on one I am so able to communicate things and let them know what’s happening that I forget that they have a whole school to run…. that life isn’t really all about one on one interaction.

Our teacher is out on medical leave (a pretty serious one, not anything fancy like having a baby). I only found-out on the gossip line, but no one said anything to the parents until we got a note on the first day. I’m worried how the transition will be handled when the new teacher comes back. I talked with the sub (whom I love, but I’m trying not to become too attached to — because come the 8th, she’s gone) and she said she was going to try and contact the teacher to see about it. I asked the principal and I felt like I kind of got the brush-off, like it wasn’t important.

So, I texted Lara — as I always do — to tell her to get on chat, that I needed a cooling off period. And she gave me that. She reminded me to focus on Spencer. Truth is, Spencer will care less when the new teacher comes… he’ll be fine. I know there are kids who won’t be quite as fine, but really it won’t be that big of a jump — give them a few days and they’ll be along like the rest of them.

Most likely, it all boils down to the fact that I’m not in the class I really wanted, and I feel like sometimes people keep secrets to keep themselves from getting flack and I’m in an indsutry where that doesn’t fly. I am also a person where that doesn’t fly.

So, I wrote the principal a note. Just saying that I didn’t feel like my concern was validated and that’s that. I have to let it go and focus on Spencer. For instance, he is finding a lot of joy in wrestling with Conner lately. That needs to stop. I will make a list of things to fix in him, rather than things I can’t control (as if I can control my 5 year old).

But, back to me — wouldn’t you be bugged by it? I really wish the teacher could come and spend an hour with the kids sometime next week, just so they have an idea of what an amazing year they’re going to have.

I just want everything to be perfect. Is that so wrong?

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  1. says

    One of my friends found out on the first day of school that her first grader’s teacher was out on maternity leave until January and the permenant sub is a fresh-out-of-college teacher. I am torn. We (teachers) all have to start somewhere and I do not doubt her newbie ablilties, but I do believe that the school has a responsibility to advise the parents of this issue before school, especially one that has nine months leading up to it.

    In another instance, I was due to have a baby in early March and opted (because I had the ability to opt) to not teach that year and put students (or me) through the same type of situation. But that’s just me.

    My two cents. For whatever it is worth.

  2. says

    Isn’t it funny, that these things are so much more important to us than the kids? My friend went through an awful wait and back and forth situation trying to get into her school of choice (for her kindergarten son). Her son did ultimately get in, but not before she had a few instances where she almost literally got sick over it (because the alternative school was so awful, and she is a former teacher, and education is everything to her, blah blah.) Anyway, a friend brought up the fact that her son is so easy and would do fine anywhere, and be happy anywhere. And that the only one having a problem was her. However, I think as parents we do also have to be happy.
    As far as the principal thing – sorry to hear about that. There have been a mess of problems this week and tricky situations, so that’s why probably from her perspective, this situation may feel lower on the totem pole. Although, not for you. I hear it is a fairly problem-free class, so that’s good news! Hang in there, it will all work out soon.
    And you’ll like your teacher!

  3. says

    We have had one too many instances of stuff like this…and I do think in many instances the children suffer.

    I know all teachers have to start somewhere, but the fact of the matter is, that some teachers are not cut out to teach…and they are thrown into the deep end to sink or swim.

    And if they swim, that’s just great! But if they sink, they can take our kids with them.

    So yes…I think you should know. You should be informed and you should be allowed to prepare.

  4. says

    It certainly would be hard to deal with starting the year like that- it would be easier to stomach later in the year. Around here there’s a lot of overcrowding which is going to have to be solved meaning hire new teachers organize new classes and that too concerns me. But I think it concerns me more than the kids-I think most kids are really resilient. Only us in our old age are stuck in our ways. I don’t know what your exchange was with the principal but I’m sure a little more sensitivity would have satisfied you. However, you are going to have to get over the whole dream of the class you wanted period. Support the current sub teacher etc and move forward. And if there’s a real problem don’t hesitate to go through the right channels and file a grievance.

  5. Burns Family says

    This happened with Tanner when he started Kindergarten. We found out the day before school started his teacher would be gone for the first two weeks. I remember being so upset. I didn’t like the way it was handled and worried how Tanner would do. Looking back, he did fine, it was me that worried so much. However I do think that we as parents are kept out of the loop too much, why can’t school really be a partnership?

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