Monday, August 17, 2009

Looking At Yourself

Lately I've been wondering a lot what I look like to other people. Not so much that I obsess over what they think about me, but just kind of in a curiosity way.

Taking the family pictures has been a bit of an eye opener. I kind of picture myself as a fat blob who just kind of rolls herself from place to place and while I am not satisfied with how thin my thighs are, I do think the weight loss is visible, and that's a happy thing.

But, it's not just looks... I wonder what people think about me.

For instance, I invite people to a lot of things, and part of me wonders if people find me needy -- like I need people around me. I mean, I do... but I mostly want people to feel included, and like I like them. Because I do. I even like you.

I also talk a lot. I annoy myself sometimes, but I just can't stop.

I also have a lot of vulgar female stories, and I figure that's just endearing -- some people might be bothered by it.

But, I am thankful I don't obsess over it. I do wonder every now and then though.... don't you?


  1. I totally wonder the same thing! I assume that we appear better to other than we do to ourselves.

    I also think we seem different to different people, if that makes sense. For instance, people that I feel comfortable around tend to think of me as really outgoing (although I think I can be a little shy).

    Those with a 'bolder' (?) personality think of me as quieter, and as one person said to my face - 'meek' (!)

    I could go on, but I won't! This post is about you! Anyway, I think people probably have totally different views of you, based on who 'they' are.

    I think you are funny and great! :)

  2. I think you look and sound fabulous. I think you would be a great person for someone to count as a friend. Your sense of humor keeps me laughing and I think you are an amazing wife and mother. Besides, you have to be someone special to count MaryRuth as one of your friends. I adore her.

  3. Yeah usually just looking at a video of myself and my mannerisms makes my skin crawl.

  4. This question always comes up for me when I do those Facebook quizzes: "Would people describe you as: adventurous, intelligent, inspiring, purple?" I DON'T KNOW!! I always want to poll my friends before I answer.


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