Postpartum Flash

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Did a fetal demise at work today. Really emotionally killing me. I wonder if 3 months out was too soon. I figured I needed to jump back in at some point. It’s just hard to imagine my life without my little P – -but with one kink of the cord my world would be a whole other story.
I would like to go lay on my bed and cry, but I’m a woman with dinner to make. Everyone needs a cause, right? :)

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  1. Our Family says

    I would love to be an OB nurse…but only if all babies were born healthy and chubby. What a hard day I’m sure…

  2. says

    I would fall to pieces. Especially with a little one at home. I pray I never have to go through that trial. However, seeing that really makes you grateful for what you do have and how blessed you are.

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