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I just saved 75% on my grocery bill, and here’s how:
These are e-coupons that can be added to your club card (I use a Safeway card here), and they’re automatically taken off when you scan your card (or punch-in your number). BUT, here’s where the savings comes: You stack a store sale (or a store coupon), plus an e-coupon, PLUS a paper coupon. As a glitch in the system (and I’m pretty sure this is gonna get solved at some point). cellfire and shortcuts each have their own coupons and they aren’t coordinated at all. SO, you can use a cellfire coupon AND a shortcuts coupon. Let me give an example:
Huggies Diapers were 9.99 last week (I was just trying this out to see how it worked then)
cellfire had a save 3$ on 2
shortcuts had a 1.50 off one
and I had 2 paper coupons totalling 3.50
Huggies sale price of 9.99 (x2) – 4.50 in e-coupons -3.50 in regular coupons gives you 2 packs for 11.98. But wait, there’s more! There was an overlap on the 1.50 coupons (I’m not sure how this happens, but if you clip them every other week, new ones show up and they overlap) which gave me another 1.50 off — bringing it to 10.48 for 2 packs. Halla.

Another example:
Betty Crocker warm delights are on sale for 1.69
2 shortcut coupons of .50 cents each
2 cellfire coupons of .50 cents each
1 paper coupon for 50 cents (on
-1.00 (cellfire)
-1.00 (shortcuts)
-0.50 (paper)
equals an overage of 81 cents — that’s right, they PAID me 80 cents to take this little gem home.
There are lots of new coupons put on all that time (on shortcuts and cellfire) so check back often, esp before you go to the store.

Good deals for me this week (most of these had cellfire, shortcuts and paper coupons):

  • Betty Crocker Brownie Supremes Mix
  • Chex Mix
  • Fruit roll-ups and BC fruit snacks (which also have a “super coupon” at safeway — AND if you buy 4 youg et 2.50 off your next purchase)
  • Nature Valley Granola Bars (which also have a “super coupon” at safeway — AND if you buy 4 youg et 2.50 off your next purchase)
  • Betty Crocker Cookie Mies
  • Gogurt
  • Honey Nut Cherrios

Let me figure out what a great deal the fruit Snacks were….
Let’s see, I bought 4 for 4 bucks (Safeway Super coupon)
I had e coupons totalling 4.45
and I had paper coupons totaling 1.80
AND I got 2.50 on my next shopping trip, courtesy of General Mills
So, I got 4.75 to take these off their hands.
Go me. And go you.

YES, it takes a fair amout of figuring out. For me, it was an hour with windows open with the Shortcuts page, the cellfire page and the safeway page (so I could check prices on the items). But, worth the time to stock the shelves, especially with school coming back into session, the gogurts and fruit snacks make a great addition to lunches!

One last reminder, the store coupons only come off once. They are all used on one item. So don’t think that I could buy a bunch and still get away with it, because you can’t. They’re like one coupon that you clipped — only it’s kept on your card. I hope this all makes sense! Let me know if you have questions! Oh, and I took all 3 kids with me, mostly just to prove to myself that I could do it. And I did. ūüėČ

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  1. Sharon says

    Nice. Most of the cellfire and shortcuts coupons are for products we don’t use (and I don’t want to start!) so I don’t use those much. But I didn’t know you could use shortcuts and cellfire together. And how do you know about the catalinas ahead of time? The blogs I read don’t usually mention them.

  2. says

    Sweet deal! I think it is definitely worth the extra effort to save money, or even make it!

    My best shopping trip yet was with the Albertsons/kraft deal last week. $25 in free groceries, add coupons to it and I got paid $16 to take $25 worth of groceries home.

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