Sunday, August 02, 2009

This is What I've Become

I literally made all of these hair box, except for one today. Seriously, today. I've had the stretch lace sitting around for a while but today I Figure was the day to get it done.
Remember when pink in high doses made me sick, and now I'm addict!
I need help people, help me.
She really does look about 10 times cuter with a hair bow on though. I only speak the honest truth. I swear on my hairbows.


  1. Hilary...this is just the beginning.'ll be stalking the ribbon aisles at michales...then you'll but hunting down bow making directions online...and then hunting for the proper clips at beauty supply stores.

    OMGOSH! away!!!!!

    It's not too yourself!!!!

  2. Having a little girl does this to you. :)

    You are a bow making machine!

  3. you're lucky they stay on her head for any amount of time

  4. Wow - where is your etsy store??? I see a new part-time business.

    Wish I could sew/be crafty! : )

  5. Wish I had someone pink, sweet and cushy to put one on. I'm glad you have that someone. Keep sewing.

  6. Awe! so cute and fun! I love the curlies


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