Saturday, August 01, 2009

A Woman With a Past

Sometimes I forget I have a past, at least while I'm in California. There's not a single person here (on a full time basis) who remembers me prior to the age of 25, which is when we moved to this lovely state. They have no idea who I was before that, and most likely they don't care.

All of that changed recently when my OLDEST friend moved just north of us. Well, I think she's my oldest, one friend might have her beat by just a bit, but let's just say we go WAY back, further than Kindergarten. It's amazing to think that I've known her since I was Spencer's age. And this was back in the day when we'd spend hours and hours at each other's houses just playing and running between yards. For a while we even lived next door to each other.

Anyway, it was so fun to sit back and reminisce. Sometimes you get back with friends and there's an awkward silence because of all the time that's past, but not with her. She even has two adorable girls who play with my boys and her husband was in band.

I know if I had stayed in Utah I'd be around people who had known me forever all the time, but here it seems like a treasure, to be able to talk old times with someone, who can realize how ludicrous our up-bringing was.

And yes Laurie, I wrote a blog about it. I sent my husband for yogurt and didn't have much else to do. But really, we had a lovely time this evening. We should do it monthly, or as marching band schedules will allow.


  1. I'm jealous. I would be so crazy happy if my oldest friend came to live near me.

    Of course, I'd also be crazy happy if YOU came to live near me.

  2. That sounds great. It is fun to get together with people who have know you for so long! I am trying to figure out who it is...Laurie Bankhead? That is the only Laurie I can think of that lived that close to you!!


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