Monday, August 17, 2009

A Word to the Wise

One of our doctors (at my hospital, not my own personal physician) was recently found guilty of sexual battery. Word to the wise: When your doctor does a pelvic or breast exam in the office he should have another person come in. My doctor's a woman and even she has someone come in. It's just a smart practice.
Honestly, I have no idea how you'd say that your doctor touched you inappropriately during female exam... seems like all the parts they're touching are pretty dang inappropriate... but he was found guilty.
Do your doctors have someone come in?


  1. All of mine always have except one...he pushed the button to have someone come in but did the exam before the nurse came in. I was 8 months pregnant with my 1st. It made me uncomfortable, that doctor always made me uncomfortable. Just too much in my personal space. I always tried to make my appointments with other drs and not him. He did deliver my 3rd and did a fabulous job. The cord was around her neck and when he was taking it off it broke, she was stuck, I had all sorts of nurses on my bed with me pushing my stomach. Everything turned out fine, but he is still not my fav!

  2. I always make my hubby come with me to my doctor's appointments. I figure if he helped make the baby, he can be there for all the appts too. He hasn't missed a single appointment for all 5 kids. So he's there and the doctor always has his nurse come in as well. And sometimes we can't find anyone else to watch the kids so they're there too. It's like a party. Only not. :P

  3. Yes my Dr. does And all those Dr.'s should. But I also believe absolutely a Dr. can be inappropriate.


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