Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eating Consciously

I felt like the summer was crazy, and then we started school and the kids were crazy when they were home and now I am slowly starting to feel like I'm settling into a routine. And now is the time. Now, is the time to get skinny.... Well, more to get healthy, but I wouldn't mind one bit in the process of getting healthy that I got skinny. I am vowing to get to a regular BMI -- where I am no longer considered overweight. Right now I'm probably in the good ol' obese section.

Eating consciously worked really well for me last time. I know I've said I'm gettin' on that wagon before but I seem to have stuff in my life that's preventing me from doing it. Now is the time. It's also especially nice because during the day I'm not feeding anyone else, so my meals can be based off when I'm hungry, and I can just make a little.

Again, I'm just gonna write them for myself. Eating consciously boils down to this for me:
1. Eat when I'm hungry
2. Eat what I want (really, whatever I want)
3. ENJOY what I'm eating. So often I inhale REALLY yummy food, and then I'm like, "huh"... no good. I am really focusing on closing my eyes and REALLY enjoying the food. I find that if I do that I'm not as apt to want another serving. I also serve myself insanely small portions to begin with . I find that often that's all I need.
4. Eat til' I'm full.... well, more that boils down to eating until I don't feel hungry anymore. I can't really guage a "full" feeling. I'm working on it. But before each bite (after I really enjoyed the last) I ask myself... am I still hungry? Often times the answer is no.

Anyway, I'm really trying to concentrate on it. One problem is, that I was hand-slapped by the nutritionist for not eating before bed. She said that from dinner to breakfast the next day is too long to go without food (which was actually a highlight of my diets in the past). So, I am having a small snack before bed. I'm not always hungry, but I try and keep the portion REALLY small. That's the key.

So, enjoy what you're eating. And eat small. Really I should cross-stitch that.


  1. Ha! could hardly be considered obese...that's ridiculous!

  2. Your conscious eating is a wonderful point. I need to try to remember your points! And, if you cross stitch it, I certainly hope you include pics...

    P.S. Baby girl clothes are so way cute that it is no wonder you succumbed. Don't feel bad... :)


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