Friday, September 18, 2009

Health Care

I've been reading the health care debate with a great deal of interest. For, I work at a hospital that is fighting the brunt of it. Only about 20% of my patients have insurance (oddly, 95% have cell phones). The rest are on medical. Of course, qualifying for medical is pretty darn easy when you're pregnant - even if you're not her legally.

Medical doesn't even reimburse our actual cost. Like, I if you take my hours, and the supplies that I use -- let's say that costs 500 dollars, and they reimburse us for like 400. Seriously. So, for all of you who have insurance you're paying 3k for that -- and you pick up the tab for the Medical folks. Oh, and with the state's recent cuts to medical they're only paying like 350.
You wonder why you have to have such high premiums -- that's why. Let's say everyone was paying their own bills -- it'd only cost like 800 bucks (considering also have pay for housekeeping, and people to bill your insurance and the cost to run the building, etc -- the 500 dollar figure is just for my hours and the actual supplies I used)... which is a fair amount less than 5k.

So, that's why people need to realize that health care change HAS to happen. I'm pretty sure that what Obama is offering isn't the best plan, but I do appreciate that he's taking it on -- and I hope that people grow brains and really figure something out.

One of the best ideas is to limit litigation. I can be sued up until a child is 18 years old. For real. I can also be sued at that point for like 20 million dollars. Of course, my hospital picks up the tab for malpractice insurance -- but that tab is GINORMOUS. The beauty of it all is that about 90% of the time they can't prove it was anything we did in labor that caused that, but they'll still give the family 20 million dollars because their 18 year old has a problem.

It's definitely broken at this point, and I think with a few fixes it could be helped, a lot -- even without creating a public option (frankly, because I think the united stats postal system is pretty crappy).

1. Allow people to cross state lines to purchase insurance, healthy competition. My dad would be so proud.
2. Make everyone have a plan -- even high deductible plans, that shouldn't be that expensive (most likely on line with a monthly cell phone plan). That could be an arena for a public option, actually. Since they probably wouldn't kick until a family REALLY needed it. If they don't have a plan, they are taxed. End of story. Sorry peeps, you're a drain on our system.
3. Sorry folks, insurance isn't gonna pick up the tab for everything (if you get drunk and end-up in the ER -- I think that should be your tab to pick-up).

The truth is, that everyone needs insurance. Health care is insanely expensive. If you don't have insurance -- revisit how you could provide it for your family. Drew and I had a high deductible plan at one point. No, they won't pay for stuffy noses, but if some one's found to have a serious issue they'll kick-in just fine. Just like high deductible car insurance.

And that's my soapbox, for today.


  1. TORT reform defnitely needs to happen, you're right. The sue happy people need to just calm down.

    I think Health Savings Accounts are going to be more and more prevalent, and I think they're a good option.

  2. Anonymous3:51 PM

    I have to disagree about the postal service. I can pay about 40 cents and in about 3 days, can send a letter to my uncle across the country. I find that pretty darn amazing!

  3. Amen Amen Amen and Amen

  4. this rant makes me like you all the more. :) needless to say, i couldn't agree more.


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