Sunday, September 06, 2009

Learning from Old DVD's

On Fast Sunday, instead of eating breakfast, we watch one of our old family DVD's. The kids love it, and it's nice to take a glimpse back in time. I will admit, that these DVD's get watched/looked at more than the scrapbooks. But, I like to have stock in many options, and apparently I have a lot of spare time. Who knew?
Today we're watching our old home movies, way back when we borrowed my parents old camcorder. I am learning many things:
1. Man, we had to dress our kids warm in Utah. I watched Drew dress Conner in a onsie, and then a long sleeved onsie over that one. And I was like, "WHO DOES THAT?" Well, people in Utah during the winter do, that's who. :) FYI, we don't do that now.
2. I hate myself. Man, don't you hate listening to yourself on tape? Especially since we're doing high-pitched-trying-to-get-our-kids-to-smile-talk. Drew hates himself too, it's just sad. Normally I require us to watch the video with the kids, but honestly -- the kids are loving it and Drew and I are losing self esteem by the minute. Hence, I am writing a blog (and Drew's looking at the ads).
3. Conner looks just like P. Or, P looks like him, take your pick. They are adorable babies, just as cute as Mr. Spencer.

On a side note, I have obsessive need to rotate through P's clothing. Just another observation.


  1. That's a fave Sunday Activity at our house, too. And I really hate seeing myself/hearing myself. So I usually don't watch.

  2. Jared could spend all day watching home videos of himself. I also hate hearing myself on the camera. Every time the videos play I make a mental note to speak only as necessary to give context - when I do remember I find it is nearly impossible for me to be quiet even for just a few moments...


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