Thursday, September 17, 2009

Life Storage

I've realized we don't just have food storage, we have life storage.
I have a birthday box, which I try to keep stocked with a full assortment of age/gender items.
I have clothes for Conner and P that are up to 2 years away (only great deals, of course).
I have toys for the kids for a rainy day or a car trip.
I just want to be prepared, basically for anything. I hate knowing that I HAVE to go to the store for something, that I could have stocked up on.
I am a loser. It's true.


  1. You are a winner in the game of life! You're playing the game better than most of us. I gotta expand my thinking into other types of purchases besides grocery/drugstore stuff. Though I can't plan what the girls will be willing to wear next year :)

  2. That's just awesome. You're my hero today.
    And my word verification words is blymall - apparently a mall that YOU don't have to run off to because you are so well stocked. :)


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