Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Now that I am making 2 lunches, I was really bugged by how fast I was going through the tiny ziplocs. I tried to use those "fold and close" baggies -- but that's just not enough (and sometimes my children like to challenge centrifugal force with their lunch bags -- so I like to have their items a bit more secure. Anyway I got some of these rubbermaid take along divided containers. I actually like them a lot. I pack a sandwich in one side, and fruit/veggies in the other side and then I throw in a treat and it's done.

But I was wondering if any of you guys have any other ideas? I like not having to bag the stuff a lot. I am hoping that the containers last for a while (sometimes, after using their bags for experiements, I've seen them used in lieu of soccer balls -- although I told Conner if his container broke he'd be paying for a new one out of his allowance). We're also using BPA-free water bottles I found at target. They're working great, I fill them with ice (esp. lately because it's been pretty hot around here) and the kids say they stay cold.

Anyway, lunch. It's my morning. :)


  1. Back in the days when I packed their lunches and they actually used lunch boxes and brought them back home....

    I like the small ziploc or gladware containers for stuff and sandwiches. We always had to get lunch boxes big enough to fit several of those plus a drink but it was worth it.

    I also saw an etsy store recently that sold re-usable bags that were fabric outside and like oilcloth inside and were washable and had velcro closures. They'd take the place of ziploc bags. Very green, but probably not great for super messy stuff. I'll see if I can find it and send you the link.

  2. Thanks for the helpful hints Hilary. I'm not as "green" as I should be and the Ziploc thing has been a problem for me too. Where did you get these containers? I need to do something, as I feel like I'm really waisting here. I bag the sandwich, cracker/chips, fruit/veggie and possibly cookies. That's four baggies in one lunch. In two years, I will be bagging two lunches every day. I tried reusing the baggies, but sometimes you just can't. Thanks again for addressing this. I love it!!!


  3. I've been struggling with the same thing- and am considering trying to make some of those re-usable bags. We've kind of moved to the rubbermaids, but they take up so much space. I'm definitely interested in other ideas.

  4. Funny you should write this. As I was packing my two lunches this morning I thought about what a great (impulsive) purchase the little sandwich holder things I bought were. Now I will not go through ziplocks nearly as fast. A lot of what I send is pre=wrapped, except the sandwich. I don't have to wrap a piece of fruit, and I usually send like the snack pack of cookies, unless we have homemade something on hand. Occasionally I send carrots or something. But mostly I'm not using baggies anymore and it's great! And here I was griping to the girls when they wanted to buy those sandwich holders because they were two dollars each. I think in two weeks they've already paid for themselves.

  5. I have been using the reusable ziplock/rubbermaid containers for the past 2 1/2 years and actually feel GUILTY if I use plastic wrap or foil in the lunchs. And you have to know that I am so un-green that even my husband is surprised at this, but it all comes down to cost (a thing that you can understand). It is SO much cheaper to reuse the containers instead of using a new baggie (or baggies) every day.

    At least that's what I think.


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