Tuesday, September 08, 2009

More of the Person I Hate -- Compost

This morning as I was harvesting my garden, letting my bread rise and then walking over to mix-up my compost I realized, again -- WHO IS THIS?

What HAPPENED to the person that was gonna be a career girl, kids later in life, see the world, have a maid. Where IS she?

She probably died when I got married at the age of 21, but that's blog for another day.

We finally did it, we bit the bullet and bought a compost bin. Actually, I was considering some of the 300 dollar ones on costco.com, but I thought I'd see what the area had to offer, so we could steer clear of large shipping charges (they tend not to be tiny things). We saw the one that Home Depot had to offer, it was tucked in a corner and the box was already composting, if you get the picture. I found one of the workers and asked if we could get a discount since it was obviously not in top condition (the actual compost bin was fine, it was just the box). We ended-up getting it for 50 bucks, which I thought was a pretty good deal. I am now trying to figure out what can and can't go in and how we can make sure it doesn't stink. Right now, we have a lot of "brown" things in there but hopefully Drew can mow the lawn soon so we can add some "green" things to it. I think it'll be fun to watch the stuff in there change -- a real learning experience for the boys, hopefully. If anyone has tips, feel free to share them. So far ours has dryer lint, cantaloupe rinds and leaves in it. I am hoping to turn it weekly.


  1. Go you. You might have to give us all a compost lesson.

  2. Yay!! Awesome. So all your fruit and veggie waste can go in unless it has fats/oils/meats in it. Leaves are good, so are grass clippings (though I leave mine in the lawn, they provide nitrogen.) Yard trimmings, especially if they are chopped up a lot. Anything bigger and woody takes longer, things smaller and greener go quicker. You will be able to tell the ratio is right because it won't be smelly and it should stay a little moist. they say "like a wrung out sponge." You might have to water it some in the summer and you can leave the top off when it rains. You can also compost small animals bedding/waste - guinea pigs and rabbits are herbivores and theirs is safe, if you have any friends who have one. Good luck! Don't be alarmed at the enormous amount of bugs,grubs, worms etc you will see in there, either :)

  3. looks just like the one we have at home :D

  4. Oooh---I want one!

  5. Awesome deal, Hil! **I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy...** So, does this one have a lever or something to help you turn it or are you turning it all by yourself? I think it would be a wonderful science lesson for homeschooling & it would give me another reason to not procrastinate getting the garden planted.


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