Friday, September 25, 2009

Music, It Does a Body Good

I've been feeling the need for a new itunes mix... so as a reward for PASSING my ACLS class (I didn't even cheat like my compadres...) I thought I'd make a new CD. It's pretty strangiola... Single Lades, Poker Face (which I change just a bit to get the giggles out of P... she is a single lady, after all), to some Vocal Point (totally takes me back to the days of jean shirts and khakis at the ol' BYU) and some of the cool They Might Be Giants science songs... I thought Conner might like them. Anyway, I thought I'd blast my tunes while the kids were in bed, it was cool and I could clean the garage. Man, it just makes time fly by... don't mind organizing near as much when I have my tunes. Perhaps I need to pull my MP3 Player out of hiding... although, with the baby to listen for it's not like I can have my earphones on all the time... hmm....

Also, the kids had a great time dancing at the wedding last weekend... so I got this song that might interest their dancing spirits...

By the way... I really admire the Duggar Family... I think they're faithful people who believe in God. The one thing that bugs me about them is that they don't allow dancing, in any form. I don't really get it. I mean, I think there's a lot of bad ways to move your body, but there are so many fun ways... interesting....

Anyway, while sitting there -- each song just brought new emotions. Thinking of all the things I'm so lucky to have (I have a friend who's going through an awful time in her life, involving a divorce so it's really making me think how lucky I am to have a happy marriage). Amazing how when a song changes minor I have a mood shift, and I'm so happy when it resolves. I'm not a minor girl, it's true. (size wise, or melodically).

The cans are organized, and life goes on. BTW, how did I get to be a football widow with a husband who doesn't even love sports (unless it involves our beloved Cougs.)? It's really quite unfair.

Can't read my, can't read my P-face.... my, my, my, P-face... my, my, P-face....

1 comment:

  1. Wow. You are super with it. Although I do love They Might Be Ginats...


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