Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I'm really liking having MSNBC on my google reader, I just get snippets of the info I want -- some that struck me today:
Kate Plus Eight : Jon's leaving the show. It's mostly the last paragraph that called her a super mom. There's nothing super about her. She has a nanny and she sacrificed her children's happiness to be rich and mean. Super moms don't have time for reality TV. It's true.
Mom Can't Watch Kids: Speaking of super moms... what's up with THIS? I saw it on the today show. It's the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard of. They also said that she can't have kids over for playdates if their parents aren't at home? Whhhaaaat?
Madonna to Marry Jesus: Frankly, it was just the headline. The rest of the story isn't worth a read.
Anyway... most of the news is so depressing. It's always nice to find a nugget or two I actually find interesting.


  1. WOW... The daycare one is ABSURD. What a stupid petty jealous neighbor to report that. Just because she doesn't watch your kid doesn't mean you have to do something so ridiculous. geez

  2. Yeah, that daycare article is absurd! And it's in Michigan. I guess I can't watch my friend's kids!

  3. Yes, the (supposed) daycare one is ri-dic-u-lous!!!


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