Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Skinny Miss P

Had P's check-up. All is well in the land of P. She was also the most cooperative child to having them look in her ears that I've ever had. Way to go P. She's just over 13 pounds, putting her in the 40th percentile, and 25.5 inches -- putting her in the 90th percentile on height.
Obviously, she takes after my father {if anyone knows my dad, that's a fairly amusing joke}.

I am really aware that I have to use my time wisely now. I could spend the ENTIRE morning sitting at the computer, for there are no little people to bother me until P wakes-up from her nap. I can either be REALLY productive or I can be not-so-productive.

It's all my choice.

Right now I am talking to Lara. A girl needs a little break every now and then, don't they?


  1. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog!

    How old is your little one?
    I don't know what's it like to have a skinny baby. All three of my babies are over the charts in size. I have fat babies.

    Anyway, I also got PPD really bad. It got worse with each baby. The IUD was fabulous. I loved it. I think I am hormone deficient or something, because I felt better with it.
    I'm making an appointment to get it put back in.

  2. Using time wisely. You'll need to email me your schedule. :) I could use it.


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