Saturday, September 05, 2009

Thoughts on Saturday

You know, when you decide you're gonna take a break from blogging, you have thoughts on a lot of things:
  • I'm going to try and use powdered milk in lieu of regular milk when possible. I learned from the lady on that food storage place I mentioned last time that you can add powdered milk to the dry ingredients in a recipe and then just add water to the wet ingredients. She has a really cool conversion chart here. I turned it into a magnet, and it's now attached to the powdered milk can that I am currently using. So, instead of using store milk in my pancakes this AM, I just added 3 tablespoons of dry milk and 1.5 cups of water. Pretty fancy. She also said it helps bread brown more evenly. Who knew?
  • Guess who booked our Disney vacation this AM. Just the hotel, I'm gonna do tickets later but I wanted a hotel, within walking distance at a good rate, and those tend to sell out fast. Go me.
  • Got cancelled today, although the lost of fundage is sad, I'm trying to remind myself of all the working I did during the summer so I wouldn't have to worry about being cancelled. I still worry, I am dumb.
  • I think I've been doing the whole food storage check monthly. I am slowly realizing the foods that we do, and do not eat. I did the check today and then I re-arranged our cans, as well as some of the canned goods so that I could fit more of the cans that I do use, and less of those that I don't. I am also trying to come-up with back-up systems at times when I find a REALLY good deal on things that I use frequently, so I have a place to put that stuff. Here's the document, with what we have/need and want along with the costco prices of last Feb. You'll notice along the bottom I try to come-up with ideas of things to make to use-up the items that we have a lot of. For instance, I have an insane amount of pumpkin, and now that's it's fall I'd better get on the pumpkin cookies, etc. I am also trying to figure out our have/want/needs of the long term storage items. I'm not trying to get the "year's supply" of the items, but I am trying to store things we will use. Also, as of late the cannery does have food for cheaper than I can find it most often for sale at the grocery store, so check the cannery prices next time you have the chance.
  • I am also trying to do a coupon check every month so that I'm more aware of what's in my coupons. For instance, this month I noticed I had a bunch of Mott's applesauce coupons that were soon to expire (but we use that a lot in lunches). I just made a note to walk by them, and I noticed that they were on a close-out price, giving me them for 77 cents. Pretty sweet deal.
  • Also, when I go through my food storage, the things I am REALLY low on, automatically go on a grocery list that I print out. That way they're on the list all month and I can search for good deals on those items. I only buy them if I find them on a good deal (or if it's a need, but rarely a certain food item is an actual NEED) (unless one is pregnant, which I am not).

So, basically it was all on food storage. What a shame.


  1. Which hotel are you staying at? We swear by the Candy Cane Inn- substantially cheaper than some others around, and super close to the park.

  2. Food storage rocks. And i don't have any anymore. :(

  3. Wow, I have so far to go. How do you keep up the momentum? I'm awfully impressed!


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