Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What you Have is What You Always Wanted

Tonight was Spencer's Back-to-school night. His teacher actually has come back from medical leave, and my paranoia can leave now too. She's wonderful.

Here's how the game went down. SO many "helper" parents were in Conner's Kindergarten teacher's class, and the Principal said that wasn't OK -- so they switched out 2 of us and split us up (happens to be my best friend at the school... but I digress). It's been hard. It does make you want to say, "then I'm done helping." But, obviously that's not me. I want to help -- and I know it makes a difference both to my child, and to the teacher.

Slowly, I am realizing that some teachers get this "dream" teacher label put on them... and then they are, because no one knows the other teachers. I am finding out that many/all of the teachers at our school are dreams...

Maybe this analogy shows that I need more sleep.

But, in a nutshell I really like S's teacher. She's kind of the polar opposite of Conner's. She's a little more low-key, probably doesn't own any "theme" outfits (our other teacher has many jumpers that show the days theme by her attire), but still just seems so loving and caring, and has been teaching just Kindergarten for 8 years. She really likes the littles, and I really like that.

Change can be your friend. {ha, as if this is my motto}

While I was reading a little bit in the scriptures this week I noticed that god provides the miracles for the things we really can't do on our own, but he still expects a lot from us. For instance, the pioneers still had to deal with a harsh winter. It's not to say it was the harshest winter in 50 years, but it was by no means light.

But after the winter, always comes the spring.

Excited for this school year, and what it will mean to my kids.


  1. Yay! So glad you are 'at peace.'

  2. It's so true. We don't know what we want until we get it and realize "Oh! This is much better than what I thought I wanted."

    Good to realize that regarding the K teacher.


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