Saturday, September 26, 2009

What'd You Learn

I used to go to meetings and write down what was said. Just recently, I've made the change to what I've thought of felt/thought/wanted during the meeting (unless it's food, I try to keep that to myself). I've also been trying to do it as I read my scriptures. I keep a little notebook tucked in my scriptures about things I learned that day, or that I thought of. Very often it has nothing to do with what we read, but what I needed.

Tonight was the Relief Society broadcast, and I really wanted to come out of it with some thoughts on my life. It seemed that my thoughts focused on how lucky I am. Here's some of the random thoughts that went through my mind:

1. I'm so glad my BFF Kendra was the RS president in my college ward. My mom had never told me to go to a RS broadcast or even a Young Women one -- so, when I went to college I just didn't think much about going. Kendra held a little dinner, and then we all went up to the broadcast together. I think this was possibly my first time ever going. At that meeting they read the Proclamation on the Family, which has set a course for me personally, I'm so glad I was there. And, due to that special feelings that I had at that broadcast, I don't think I've missed many since. Actually, I count her as one of the strongest blessings in my life, period. She was most definitely in my life at a time I needed her. {smooches to Kendra}
2. I'm glad my friend Lara wrote a blog about singing loudly. I was thinking of that tonight, and thought about what a metaphor it is for life. Not to be timid about my beliefs, to be willing to share it with gusto. Also, how that's easier when I'm around people who are also willing to share it with gusto.
3. My profession has a rich heritage in Relief Society, and I can make a difference. I also thought that I really need to share with new moms to rely on their good friends. Lately I've just wanted to start talking a bit more about PP depression with my patients... just giving them signs to watch for. See, totally random....
4. Charity is doing what you can, expecting nothing in return but hoping for the best (I know it's not the real definition, but I was defining how I can be charitable in my own life).
5. Relief Society and Priesthood show mutual respect, like a good marriage. We can learn a lot about how relief society and priesthood interact by watching how those two organizations interact.

So, while we go to church meetings to listen to the speakers, it's definitely not always what's said that makes a difference for us, but the fact that we're there, and making the effort -- and then God gives us what we need.

He also gave me amazing friends to go to Chili's with afterwards. Three words: deep, fried, yum.


  1. Really great thoughts. I also try to right down the things I think of while listening, and not just the things that are said. Ultimately, it's the things that I think of (or that the Spirit tells me to think of, more likely) that help me to improve my life in the end.

    PS...Our Relief Society is going to watch the broadcast together next week.

  2. Wasn't it a great broadcast? I'm blogging about it as soon as I get the chance.
    But I totally had to laugh about your friend Lara's post, because I've recently been thinking (and being prompted) that I need to sing more, and so during the broadcast opening hymn I sang my guts out and Z turned to me and said, "Momma, can you sing quieter?".


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