5 Shows I’m Embarassed I Watch

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Ok, I’m confessing. I love Bravo, and while I have toned down some of the crap I watch… there’s still a fair amount of it

1. Flipping Out — I just love to see how they work. I must admit that I like to tease a lot like Jeff, but his life… if he only had a clue. He says he wants to adopt… now THAT would be good programming.

2. The Rachel Zoe Project — Everything things a nightmare, a disaster, BA-nannas or I die. She actually thinks this is an important job. She PUTS CLOTHES ON PEOPLE. I do that ALL ON MY OWN, and gosh, it makes me feel proud.

3. America’s Next Top Model — Discussed prior on this blog — still embarrassed, but I do like to watch them set-up the shoot and the way they edit the pictures. Oh, and the people think THIS IS A REALLY IMPORTANT JOB. Even more amusing, Tyra thinks it’s a really HARD job. I wish someone would have Tyra work as a custodian for a while….

4. I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant — a staple of the pregnancy viewing. Not as interested now, but it was interesting to see the war of the worlds happening on my own abdomen and those women didn’t KNOW they were pregnant? Sheesh….

5. Toddlers and Tiaras — SO amused by this one, for several reasons:

  • They think they’re actually going to MAKE money on this? Even after they spend thousands going to a pageant where the largest prize I saw was a 1 k savings bond.
  • The moms say it’s all for the daughters.
  • The moms usually look like trash themselves, and are obviously hiding how much this is costing them, or they’re taking a second job to afford pageants…

I don’t drink, do drugs and I didn’t have sex before I got married but I do have to have a little scandal in my life. So, tell us what shows you watch?

Before you storm my house with shock and awe, here are some shows I’ve stopped watching

  • The Real Housewives (although, I must admit if I’m feelin‘ yucky and in bed and it’s on….)
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • Jon and Kate

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  1. says

    I DIE for Rachel Zoe. I truly love that show.

    And I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant? That show is ba-nanas. I don’t routinely watch it, but if it’s on, I can’t turn away. HOW DO THEY NOT KNOW????

    Toddlers and Tiaras is like a train wreck in my living room: I can’t not watch it.

    I watch a lot of TV.

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