6 Months Today

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She’s even sitting up in her boppy. {sigh}  I didn’t get a chance to do the full-fledged shoot today, but I vow to do that either tomorrow or Saturday… but I did want to catch her one with the duckie.

Love this picture of her, she’s so alive and vibrant right now.
Less alive and vibrant today as she had her check-up and shots this morning.  We got the seasonal shot at our doctor’s office, but they were out of the swine, but later I found-out another office had it so we trecked up there.  We are basically a human cesspool and I even got my own!  I think I’m gonna take the boys this afternoon (Drew’s home sick, so he and P can nap together).
Poor P though, that was a grand total of 5 shots, and if you look closely enough you can see her collection of bandaids on her thighs.  She’s obviously still surviving though, and I broke out the advil to celebrate the occasion.
P is only 14 pounds (26th percentile), and she’s 26.5 inches tall (79th percentile), and healthy as can be.  So blessed to have her happy self. 
She’s been waking up at night (I know, hate me — but she’s really a great sleeper usually) and the doctor said it’s the usual 6 month wake-ups to play, and its our job to break her of that.  It’s nice to know she’s not waking up for some other reason, although tonight I’m pretty sure her shots aren’t going to be our best friend.
Love you P.
In other news Grandpa P has his birthday today.  Huge shout out to him, and his gal bladder, he’s having surgery on Monday.  We sure do love our grandpas.
BTW, my blog had a comment from a user named “Gynecology Check-Up”… seriously, you aren’t a real blog til’ you get comments from someone like that.

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  1. says

    She is so freaking adorable. Can I come steal her from you, please?

    And, this three hour time difference from you is killing me. I feel like I haven’t talked to you in a year.

  2. Burns Family says

    I love this shot you do each month. She is as cute as ever.
    Good luck sleeping tonight, maybe all those shots will wear her out.

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