Sad News

Read on my google reader that there was an accident with the American Fork band over the weekend. They’d spent the weekend at the Pokey competition (like many of us have in our high school days) and the bus driver somehow had a “medical condition” and swerved off the road. One of their instructors tried to correct it and died trying.

I believe Heather was the drum major at their high school at the same time I was the DM at my high school. Just another reminder about how much teachers love their students and will do anything for them. Sad news. American Fork has a long history of an amazing program and Drew did his student teaching there. I can’t imagine how awful this is for those kids. I am all too aware that band becomes your life.

My thoughts are with them.

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  1. Sharon says

    wow, that’s some perspective! How sad. glad that our biggest problems are, well, little in comparison.

  2. says

    My cousins are in the band and were in a different bus (gratefully). They said that the other kids that were in the bus that rolled, texted them and they all saw what a hero the teacher Heather was! Such a selfless thing to do.