An Embarassing Fact

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I’m just inching further and further to my prengnacy weight, without hauling a placenta or fetus along with me.  It’s disgusting me.
I don’t know why I can’t stick with the whole eating consciously thing.  So, I decided to join his little club.  I am going to devote 10-30 minutes each day to read some of the forums and just take the time to take me back where I was when I lost all the weight.
I need to be thinner.
I want to be thinner.
I don’t have any vague fantasy that being thinner will make me happier, but I need to bend over without my stomach getting in the way.
I just do.
I hope he makes me thin, I really do.
And heavens knows it takes a lot to make me part with my 14.95 membership dues. 

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