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Yet another week has passed, and GUESS WHO’s MOM is getting on a plane right now to come rescue her? That’s right, mine. SUPER excited.
It’d be nice if I could hear though (it’s been like 1 week since I got sick and while I feel fine now with an occasional cough, I still have super plugged ears – I’m drinking and taking decongestants but it’s not really helping — ideas?).
Today, I opened my blog reader (because yes, you do have to write blogs in order to be a favorite of mine) and I found the one I was most excited to read:

5 Adjectives to describe this blog:
1. Informative. She’s a Kindergarten teacher and has so many great ideas for the littles, she also HAS a kindergartener and that makes it even better.
2. Stylish. Even when I first met this person I was like, “wow, she dresses nice for a kindergarten teacher” — and she does. She also comes up with all sorts of cute ideas for moms who need to be able to lounge on the floor with some Lego’s if necessary, but can also run to the store without feeling frumpy.
3. Thoughtful. She’s always looking at her students and gaining perspective for her own family, and then sharing it on her blog. I love that.
4. Mommy-y (go with me here people). She’s SUCH a great mom. I love to see her interact with her daughter. She’s always super sweet to Spencer. You can tell that kids are totally her element and heavens knows I need more of that.
5. Similar. She and her husband are both teachers so I get a lot of what their life entails. I tend to read a lot of teacher blogs.

Anyway, Jen is one of my most favorite people that I have met through my blog. I’m so glad that we’re friends. I would think that moms who have lower grade/preschool kids would like her blog most. She’s always doing fun things and has great ideas for those of us who are idea-less.

Thanks for writing your blog Jen, it makes my day!

Have a FANTASTIC Friday peeps.

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