Favorites Friday

Wow, Lara told me about the new blogger editor.  Hello, fancy.  I’d put her as my favorite, except I link to her all the time, and that would pretty-well be useless.

So, one of my favorites is a friend from our BYU days, we hung out with them in our newly-married times and what good times they were. 

5 Adjectives to describe Denise’s blog:
1.  Pretty — Denise is a great photographer, lovely eye candy.
2.  Kids — wow, and lots of them.  They’ve always wanted a large family, and Drew and I knew them when they only had 3 kids.  They’ve doubled that now.
3.  Memories.  I love how you can remember an old friend and just hear them telling you their blog.  Makes me happy.
4.  Scrapbooky — Denise is a great digi-scrapper.  Shes’ fancy like that.
5.  Funny — Denise has a great view on life.  Her husband is often gone for LONG periods of time and I enjoy seeing how she puts her “spin” on that.

Love Denise’s blog — I’m so glad she writes it!

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