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After opening my reader my excitement landed on

I knew Carly from our ward here, she moved a few years ago but frankly… she is one of the craftiest and cutest girls I know.

5 Adjectives to describe Carly’s Blog:

1.  Crafty.  Holy guacamole, the girl can make something out of anything.

2.  Beautiful.  She just has a great eye for color, and beauty everywhere.  Carly designs websites and hers is always so well thought-out.

3.  Mommy.  Carly has a gorgeous little girl named Farrah and they take beautiful pictures together.  Carly has a LOT on her plate, and I learn a lot from her about how to balance it all.

4.  Delicious.  Carly takes great pictures, I love seeing her eye candy.  She also finds great stuff from etsy.  I love me some eye candy, fo sho.

5.  Green.  Carly’s always re-purposing things, especially making cute things for her daughter.  I am impressed by this, and I hope to do some outfits for P like she does.

Anyway, it’s a great blog, I really enjoy reading it and I hope you will too.  Thanks for taking the time to write it Carly!

But, it’s also time to highlight some news stories that I found amusing:

Obama kids jump the line — come on people, they’re the president’s kids, if they don’t get some perks… well, you’re just living a lie.  Also, me and the kids all got our swin flu vaccinations yesterday.  Kaiser really came through this time.  Honestly, there are a LOT of things that Kaiser does very right, a few of them are highly annoying, but they really had their act together with the whole swine flu thing.  I’m glad the president showed a good example.  It also shows america that he thinks its safe enough to give his own kids.  Back down Obama-haters.  I am also amused by all the cheaters out there.  Really, it’s the flu.  Move on.

I am loving this study by BYU saying that clean scents promote moral behavior.  Looks like moms of teenagers everywhere better get out the Febreeze. :)

“Chaz” Bono has switched genders (formerly Chastity)… I’ll let you make your own ideas when you see the picture on the page.  Let’s just say that the change hasn’t really brought out an inner beauty, at least in my own approximation.  I’m judgemental, sue me.  Decide for yourself.

So excited for Halloween festivities this weekend.  I know it will be long, but they’re only young once — right?

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    Thanks Hilary! Talk about creativity – I ALWAYS look forward to your family Halloween costumes. The best! And your photography, enough said…

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