For the Love of the Lurk

I just HAVE to say that I’ve had a few old friends come out and say they lurk on my blog and they love me.
Really, it’s so nice to feel the love and remember friends from long ago.
Let’s face it people, I’m popular, and I always have been. Well, since college. At the olTHS I don’t think popular was the first thing that came to people’s minds.

If you’re lurking and you know it raise your hand….
if you’re lurking and and you know it please com-ment.
If you’re lurking and you know it then you really ought to show it,
if you’re lurking and you know it let me know!
{clap, clap}

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  1. says

    I think I’ve actually been lurking more than usual lately….not sure why the “anti-comment” bug has hit me….. I’ll do better. Comments really do feel nice.