Halloweens of Years Past

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I was talking to the kids about halloween today, asking them if they could be whatever they wanted, regardless of my sewing prowess (or lack thereof), what they would be.  Of course, they wanted to be some Pokemon crapola…
but that got me to thinking….
What did I want to be as a kid?
Mostly I thought about what my friends had been.  The main ones I can remember are hookers and babies.  Both of these are almost equally disturbing, although hookers slightly winning.
I’m fairly sure I had no idea what a hooker did, but I remember plenty of friends being that, even in the heart of happy valley.
True story.
I really encourage my kids to look to literature, possibly movies and try to be the heros of the event.  I like to see imagination at halloween, for what better thing is there to celebrate?
Making a theme CD for our costumes right now.
Ok, and is there no spell check in this fancy new editor?  I fear that is something my readers will miss….

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  1. says

    Yeah, everyone is mad at me now because there is no spell check. You can change back if you want to the old editor. But blogger says that they are going to add it????

    I just use Firefox which has a spell checker in the browser.

    And I don’t recall wanting to be a hooker, and I thought the people that dressed as babies were insane.

  2. says

    I remember asking my mom what a hooker was (what the word meant, we hadn’t just seen one) and when she told me very calmly (although I’m sure inside she was freaking out) that it was a prostitute, I just said, “Oh, ok.” Had no idea what a prostitute was either, but somehow the answer satisfied me.

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