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I just finished watching the Duggar grand baby be born…. and I had to do an entry on home births.
I actually recently had a co-worker who had a home birth, and when I hear her story I get chills. Honestly, it’s an amazing experience shared between husband and wife that is the perfect way to start a new little life. I love her story and what I have learned about birthing from it. It’s God’s way to make it happen and it’s totally perfect 99.9% of the time.

One out of ten babies requires resuscitation, but that can usually be be performed by an adequately prepared midwife.

But… it’s the .1% that I have seen, those babies that would’ve died if we weren’t there, the moms that would’ve bled out… I LOVE when someone has a great home birth experience. I do. However, I just think about if that baby died… and you were left to wonder what could’ve been…
I am glad theirs turned out amazing. I wish it was something I could experience but with all the horror scenes that play out in my head the entire 9 months I’m pregnant, I don’t see that ever happening… (or actually, me giving birth again, but that’s another entry).

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  1. says

    I watched this too and was so happy it went so well for them, but where was the midwife? A douhla doesn’t count. Neither does a mother or husband or a sister in law. Not to mention the film crew. Anyway, not a huge fan of all that could go wrong and it didn’t look as though they were really prepared. It went smoothly, lucky for them, but it may have not. Then what?

  2. Burns Family says

    I know exactly what you mean. With our last baby we went to a midwife. I don’t think I had total peace of mind the entire pregnancy. The midwife was fabulous, and as the months went by my confidence in her ablilities grew. I chose to have Jane in her clinic which was literally 2 or 3 minutes away from the hospital and not at my home, which would have taken 20 minutes to get help. Even up to the day of delivery I wondered if we were being careless, however it was an amazing experience and if I didn’t think I was done having kids, I would do it again.
    I miss getting to watch that show (for some reason it doesn’t fall under the category of the “family package”)

  3. says

    I hear ya. I had to c-section all of mine, but aside from that, I don’t think I could have considered home birthing. My sister, on the other hand, is pregnant with her 5th and planning her 3rd home birth. The first one was an accident and then after that they were/will be all intentional. Sure, it helps that her husband in an RN, but still it’s a tad frightening to me…

  4. says

    In theory it sounds good… but in reality why risk it? Seriously. Is the health of your baby (and YOU!) worth doing it at your house? I know I’m being judgemental but I feel like its careless to have your baby at home…if we were pioneers, yes… 2009, no.

    My baby and I both would have probably died if I hadn’t been at a hospital… and all for what? So I could give birth in my bed and then have to wash the sheets? noooooo thank you!

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