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I’m considering allowing Santa to bring a wii for Christmas.
I have obviously lost my mind…
Are you with me, or think I’ve lost my moral foundation?

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  1. Miranda says

    I always said that I would never have a video game system in my house, and look at me now… :)

    We actually love the wii, it has a lot of fun family games. I just needed to monitor its use closely in the summertime. Best of luck with the decision.

  2. says

    Totally with you. My kids even play with their grandparents at THEIR house because it’s so much family fun. We don’t have one yet, but our santa is considering the same thing!

  3. says

    YOu can’t go wrong with the Wii. It really does actually boost family time a great deal which is nice. WE always have some pretty good competitions when Grandma comes to town cause she loves it too.

  4. says

    You remind me that I need to set ours up again. It’s just been sitting in a box since we moved (no entertainment center and all).

    No worries. Get one. Your moral foundation will still be quite intact.

  5. says

    I made a strong stand for 11 years of our marriage that we would have no video games in our home. I was given a Wii for Christmas two years ago (so I could be the boss of it and regulate playing time) and now I am the biggest fan. Yeah LEGO video games!

    Wii love our Wii.

    And the Miis are fun, too.

  6. Burns Family says

    I have convinced myself (after much nudging for the last two years) to get one for Christmas this year also. Having already experienced life with an Xbox (which I detest-hours of staring at a screen with that controller and I have never liked playing, so no connecting with my kids. Short answer I am excited for something different. We can swap sports scores!!

  7. says

    I second most of these comments. We like the Wii. The girls actually prefer the Wii fit games. It’s fun to watch eachother looking silly trying to hoola-hoop or ski down an imaginary slope. On a rainy day it’s on all the time. I like it too. Great Yoga and even the actual exercise games get better the longer to do it. Plus, once you’re all hooked up, you can compete against us online.

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