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I’m just trying to veg. in front of the computer right now. Today was a very frustrating “hat” day for costume-making. I wasn’t loving it, to say the very least. Each year I say it will be my LAST for making costumes. We’re on year 3.
Anywho… I visited technorati — which i haven’t done in about a year. My blog authority is only a 2. It’s paining me. But then, I realized I very rarely link to other people’s blogs that I love… so perhaps I will.
But, if you’re a person whose blog I frequent (and if I frequent someone’s blog I comment, I really do) and you’d prefer that I not link to it — you might just want to let me know. Or, if you see it linked here and aren’t pleased as punch — you can also let me know.
Now to think about who i love. Also to feel my fingertips. I am fairly sure that I would be a great felon being that I don’t think I have any fingerprints after using the glue gun.

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    Yeah I wouldn’t worry about the Technorati thing. The problem is that the new fancy way Blogger has you do your blog list does not pick up on Technorati. It only picks up actual links. My authority is down to an 8. Oh well.

    But it’s always nice to give some linky love.

    Now, go rob a house or two while you have no fingerprints.

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