Thoughtful Thursday

Welcome to maternity leave. No, I’m not pregnant again. I just didn’t take the whole thing when I had P — so I could take the rest now as I prepare to face the world as a single mother. Frankly, the only one getting a “leave” is Drew — since he won’t have to take the kids to school with him/make them dinner/hear them whine all by himself when I’m usually at work.
Either way, I am off work. I have no excuse to not:

1. Organize. As fall comes and I’m doing less in the garden, I try to take that time elsewhere, to work on organizing the house.
2. Lose weight. Focus Hilary. Focus. I’m gonna be to my pre-pregnancy weight by the time I get done with this leave. Period. I need to re-read my blog as to how I did it last time, possibly even daily.


So, I’m trying to jump on the organizing thing. Yesterday I went through the short sleeve shirts that I own. I have about 25, and the sad things is that some of them have bleach stains on them and I’m just saving them… for…. I dunno, in case the great shirt monster comes and I need to feed it something? I still wear them. I think just to show myself I can (but I feel schlepy in them when I do). But that’s just insane.

So, I said to myself — “Self, I think 16 shirts is the ABSOLUTE maximum that I will need. Even if I got spit-up on EVERY day I could still make do with just 16 shirts (I even have a couple of hang-up shirts in the closet, if absolutely necessary). So, I went through picked-out my favorite 16 and threw the rest in the DI pile.

Moving onto our large collection of Duplo Lego’s, that the boys are slowly out-growing. This isn’t to say that I don’t expect P to have the time of her life with our Duplos, because I know she will — but honestly we have SO many. A race set, a Bob the Builder Set, a Winnie the Pooh set… and I had them all separated. So I said to myself, “self — one large duplo bin is more than plenty, let’s make that happen” I piled as many duplos as I could fit in that bin, and I made a small box of extra ones that will go high in the garage should we need excess duplos for a science project or something one day. You just never know…

Yesterday while feeding P I watched a show on hoarders. It was an INSANE amount of stuff in their house, but as you listen to their reasons for keeping things you realize that you have those reasons too. I think it’d be VERY easy to slip from a food storage fanatic into a hoarder of all items “just in case”. I think there’s a fine like between real “just in case” (like keeping a propane stove) to “just in case” the shirt monster comes.

Anyway, I’m gonna continue a lot of my self-evaluation this fall as I’m able to organize in my spare time.

Sometimes a person self can be quite scary. :)

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  1. says

    The shirt monster scares you, too?? Man, glad to know I’m not the only one. 😉 Have the same exact problem with some of my clothes, but I think I’m gradually getting better (I hope!). Way to go!

  2. Joel says

    I don’t think you want to know how many shirts I have. And I don’t think you want to know how many I got rid of before moving, either.

    However, let’s just say my mom loves buying clothes and she’s very picky about what she buys for herself. So she buys for me and Joel and the girls instead.

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