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Well, I’m just so glad you asked:
1. Halloween costumes. I’m TOTALLY behind. We’re doing a family theme, which shall be unveiled at a later date. Let’s just say there’s still a fair amount of sewing to be done, and I am VERY grateful that it’s general conference weekend. It’ll be me, sewing in my jammies while eating a cinnamon roll.
2. Just turned my compost, and I planted some fall veggies — broccoli, cauliflower, onions, garlic and brussel sprouts to be specific. Oh, and some romaine lettuce. Wish us luck.
3. Lunch with friends. WHAT is better, I ask you?
4. Trying to get a jump on the long term storage ideas. I’m finally turning to the whole long-term food storage idea. I’m just trying to figure out how much of everything I want. We could survive well beyond 6 months on just what I have already, so I just need the other stuff to supplement. I am getting a fair amount of wheat soon, that’s exciting. Isn’t it?
5. Frankly, not much. Sometimes you look around and wonder what you’ve done all day — especially since Miss P sleeps so much… OH, I do love to plan Miss P’s outfit. I had an ESPECIALLY cute one on today and then she peed on it. I was moderately bitter. Never fear though, another outfit was waiting in the wings.

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  1. says

    I still haven’t started Halloween costumes. I’m thinking this is going to have to be a throw it all together kind of year after all.

    I totally hear you on number 5!

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