What’s UP Wednesday: Spencer

Who here is still in disbelief that Spencer is old enough to go to Kindergarten? Oh, he’s been going long over a month — but it’s still a shocker to me. He is LOVING it though, and he was really SO ready for school.

This picture is him at the Teddy Bear Picnic. I love how they celebrate their “little-ness” in Kindergarten. I know that goes away all too fast, and soon it’s not cool to bring your teddy bear with you to school. It was cool this day, the Teddies even had a sleepover after school (I guess the teddy bear’s mom and dad are more permissive than Spencer’s).

This isn’t to say that Spencer hasn’t had a hard entry into school. Being gone all day, when he was used to being at home with me has been a bit of a struggle — not at school, just when he came home and had to slink back into a normal life not filled with songs, crafts and adoring fans. :)
Spencer is slowly realizing that life is full of responsibilities. He’s not a big fan of personal responsibility and seems to think we all need to pick up his slack, or lack of abilities. When summer was coming to a close, I made a mandate that Spencer had to open all lunch items on his own — string cheese, granola bars, etc. It caused a great deal of tears — but he’s getting it now. That doesn’t stop him from begging me to open a gogurt every now and then.
His most frequently uttered phrase is “CoOOOOOOnnnneneEEEER“. It can be for a variety of reasons. Conner touched him, Conner isn’t doing something S needs, Conner is doing something. Poor Conner. Poor my ears.
Five adjectives for Spencer at this age:
1. Smiley (he’s a fairly happy guy)
2. Whiney (when naming Conner, I was unaware his name had 6 syllables — Spencer proved me wrong)
3. Smart (his writing at school is A-mazing)
4. Naked (people lucky enough to be my facebook friends might remember the day he and his friend were having a pants-ing battle… modesty is an issue we’re working on)
5. Popular (he’s well-liked by his classmates — at least from what I’ve seen)
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