Thursday, November 12, 2009

He Can't Make me Thin

So, you might remember that I signed-up for -- and it was OK.  The forums are pretty-well useless, and the spiritual thoughts drove me crazy.  On second though, it wasn't that OK.  The final straws were that I had issues logging into their website and their emails weren't getting through to me.  Finally, we mutually decided to just cancel my membership.  I think the site honestly doesn't get much attention since after the initial TLC show, and they aren't putting much effort into it either.

Anywho... somehow I now am getting their emails (go figure) and today's was to get a buddy.  I'd actually requested a buddy on their site -- but shockingly no one got back to me.

So, you are my buddy.

Here's the deal, this system really works.  I've lost 5 pounds since I started and when you stick to their plan you are totally on top of things.  Key words being sticking to their plan.

Maybe marching band season isn't the best time for me to be doing this.  Frankly.

Maybe my life doesn't really work with me doing this plan.  Frankly.

I know when my kids are driving me to the BRINK of extinction I really want to eat.  I want something yummy and satisfying.  My kids often are neither yummy or satisfying (I suppose they have their moments...)

But I'm going to keep trying.  It's all about listening to your body and doing things that work.

Not eating like a glutton.

Please help me stop being gluttonous.

Please make me thin. :)


  1. I will do my best. But I never talk to you anymore. :(

    I just tried and I really like it. But there are no buddy systems there. :)

  2. Funny, I just read this after totally overeating at dinner tonight. Not good! I'm trying to fit into my clothes rather than needing to buy new ones. . .


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