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Last month, you were all so helpful on my goals.  Let me do a quick run-down on how I am improving our after-school time. 
I am trying to focus on this time, meet them at the door (if D picks up), put P down quickly and then focus on them.  We are having an after school snack and this seems to help re-focus everyone so we can do the things we need to get done.  It’s helped a lot in our lives and I feel like it’s a new beginning to the afternoons.  I hope it lasts.

So, this month my goal is to promote more indepdence in my children.  Not the type where they go out and get an earing ala Jon Gosslin.  More the, you can sweep the floor on your own, and take the initiative to clean-up a room without me having to remind you of every. little. thing.

Right now my plan is to do something daily with one of them that promotes this as well as big praise when I see initiative being taken by one of them.  On Monday I had Conner make those cookies on his own and I really tried to praise him for the steps he was taking.  I think it turned-out well.

So, what do you do to promote independence?  Inquring minds want to know.

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  1. says

    This is HUGE for us.

    We really try to give the kids opportunities to go out and be on their own…within reason.

    Your kids are still kind of young…but even at that age…we let them play outside by themselves and go short distances from the house without us.

    Sounds dumb, eh? But…no one out here goes anywhere without total supervision, and I want the kids to know that they can be independent and safe without us.

    We have taught them about talking to strangers…and what to do if something ever happens.

    Even allowing them to go to the bathroom alone, etc.

    It’s these little confidence boosters that help them find independence in other areas.

    I think you are on the right track with the chores.

    But…we still have to prompt them…it’s rare for them to do anything without being asked.

    Although one thing that seems to help is we have a little list of questions they have to ask themselves before they turn on the TV.

    Have I done my homework? Have I practiced my instrument? Have I done my daily chores?

    If they can answer yes to these questions then they can watch tv, or play the computer, or the video games.

    If no…then they can’t. And if someone turns of the TV…all I have to do is say…can you answer the three questions.

    They always know exactly what I mean and stop what they are doing to go finish whatever they forgot to do.

  2. Sarah says

    Hi Hilary!
    Well, one thing I’ve been trying to do is let them decide what to wear–sometimes my son has the most ridiculous outfits with his shirt tucked in and his pants pulled up to his armpits. I try to resist the impulse to say “that doesn’t look good” and instead let him be proud that he could choose his clothes and put them on by himself. Also, he fights me on wearing a jacket to preschool every single day. So…I tell him okay, you don’t have to wear a jacket, but you can’t complain to your teacher when you’re cold at recess. I figure, one of these days he’ll be really cold and just decide on his own to wear his jacket. :)

  3. says

    In some ways I have the most independent children in the world, but chores is not one of them.

    You will have to let me know how this goes. :)

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