Menu Plan Monday which is being done on Tuesday because I lack gumption

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The will to think up dinners is a lot of will.  I just didn’t have it yesterday.
Thankfully, I we didn’t have much need to plan stuff, we still had 4 items left on my menu plan, but I still wanted to flesh it out a bit.

  • Chicken:  Chicken Parmesagna (sp?)
  • Casserole:  Chilli Rellenos Casserole
  • Kids:  Calzones (might do it with broccoli as I saw on a website…)

I sure wish you guys would post your “go to” and yummy meals on your blogs.  Really, must I carry the whole world on my own?

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  1. says

    Checked out that Chili Relleno Casserole….sounds quite good! And yes, you must carry the world atop your ever so capable shoulders. Should I make anything inspiring, however, I promise to post about it!

  2. says

    We like stirfry. Stew meat, a package of frozen stirfry veggies, or cut up fresh ones (whichever you have) and rice. In fact, we are having it tonight because I don’t want to think of anything else!

  3. Anonymous says

    Go to meals: oatmeal and poached egg, cookie dough, and salad, roased veggies, parm. cheese and pasta sauce.

    No kids = terrible eating.

    Guess who!

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