Menu Plan Monday

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Ahh, back on track after Halloween.  Doesn’t it feel nice?
Pasta:  Beefy Noodles with Sour Cream Sauce (Desperation Dinners is a serious go-to for me, I love their recipes, and many of my best friends have gotten this recipe book from me)
Chicken:  Chicken and Apples with Djon Cream (I have some green apples to use-up, my recipe is from the sister book to Desperation Dinners — Good, Cheap Fast — never tried this before.  I hope it’s good).  Here’s a similar one.
Casserole:  Broccoli Pie — I’ve made this for years, great way to sneak broccoli into the diet.
Soup:  Italian Sausage Soup
Mexican:  Tacos
Easy:  Potato Bar
Other: Crab dip (found crab on sale a couple of weeks ago, craving this dish we usually only have for new years… but why not have it for dinner with a salad?)

In other news I made these cookies from my cousin’s blog.  Actually, Conner made them with only a little help from me.  He did a pretty good job.  I couldn’t ever find the spice cake mix, until recently — and then I waited for it to go on sale, which happened just this past week (I used Duncan Hines, and their cake mixes are 99 cents through Tuesday).

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    Yay for the easy pumpkin cookies! I made them last week, actually, and changed things up. Used yellow cake mix, a lot of malt, some vanilla, a little bit of applesauce. Really good – and I was impressed with my own experimentation. I’ve also used chocolate cake mix with them. Fun fun!

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