Menu Plan Monday

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Ahh, back on track after Halloween.  Doesn’t it feel nice?
Pasta:  Beefy Noodles with Sour Cream Sauce (Desperation Dinners is a serious go-to for me, I love their recipes, and many of my best friends have gotten this recipe book from me)
Chicken:  Chicken and Apples with Djon Cream (I have some green apples to use-up, my recipe is from the sister book to Desperation Dinners — Good, Cheap Fast — never tried this before.  I hope it’s good).  Here’s a similar one.
Casserole:  Broccoli Pie — I’ve made this for years, great way to sneak broccoli into the diet.
Soup:  Italian Sausage Soup
Mexican:  Tacos
Easy:  Potato Bar
Other: Crab dip (found crab on sale a couple of weeks ago, craving this dish we usually only have for new years… but why not have it for dinner with a salad?)

In other news I made these cookies from my cousin’s blog.  Actually, Conner made them with only a little help from me.  He did a pretty good job.  I couldn’t ever find the spice cake mix, until recently — and then I waited for it to go on sale, which happened just this past week (I used Duncan Hines, and their cake mixes are 99 cents through Tuesday).

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    Yay for the easy pumpkin cookies! I made them last week, actually, and changed things up. Used yellow cake mix, a lot of malt, some vanilla, a little bit of applesauce. Really good – and I was impressed with my own experimentation. I’ve also used chocolate cake mix with them. Fun fun!

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