Menu Plan Monday

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First off, a rating of last week’s new dishes:
Broccoli Pie:  I’ve made this one before, but somehow I used “cut broccoli” instead of “chopped broccoli” and it was SO yummy.  I also cooked it a bit longer.  Kids loved it, super easy.  Also took it to a friend, and she had nice things to say… who knows if they’re true though. :)
Italian Sausage Soup:  High marks, full of veggies and delicious.  Kids (even S, who hates soup) really liked it.

And now onto this week’s meals:

  • Easy:  Potato Bar
  • Casserole: Tuna Casserole (super easy and good, feeding the missionaries tonight)
  • Soup: Refried Bean Soup mine’s from Good, Cheap Fast — but here’s a similar recipe.  The refried beans give it a nice thickness, that’s so easy!
  • Chicken: Chicken Court En Blu — I saw this last week on Martha Stewart, and it made me want it, oh — and we also have some swiss cheese to use-up.
  • Mexican:  Chicken Enchiladas (throw in a can of chicken, cream of chicken, some sour cream, some salsa to taste and some cheese, throw it in a tortilla with more cheese if you want and WHAMO, it’s dinner — great thing to take to friends who need a casserole)
  • Kids:  Pizza (the yummy America’s Test Kitchen kind)
  • New:  Broiled Tilapia Parmesan

I must say now that we have 3 kids going out to eat is just a pipe dream.  It’s not easier, it’s painful — so eating at home will have to be the norm for a while.  Not that we ate out a lot before, now it’s just not going to happen, except for special events.  Having my possible meals listed just makes that SO much easier, and I can choose what I’m in the mood for still.

I’m also working on making my own baby food.  Made some sweet potatoes today.  I don’t plan on serving her mush for long (currently she’s not much of a fan) but I do want to check some common allergies before I set her lose on the world.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Dave and I LOVED the broccoli pie! Dave even ate it for leftovers–which is saying A LOT because he’s not a fan of leftovers. So if he wanted to eat it a second day you know he really liked it. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness in our time of need. Hope your heiny feels better! Love, C

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