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I made a pledge to myself to actually TELL the people I was most thankful, that I was thankful for them — instead of doing blog entries, but there are a lot of things that I’m thankful for that I can’t actually tell or I already have… anyway, here’s some of my “other” thankful things:

1.  My mixer.  SO glad I bought it, it’s so freaking great.  I think a Bosh would’ve been a better buy, but it doesn’t work on our counter, so I love my kitchenaid six quart.  I use it almost daily.  It’s true.

2.  Our teachers.  I think a lot of people aren’t aware of all the little things behind the scenes that teachers do, but we’re all too aware.  Our children adore them, and they’re teaching them so well.  I’m so grateful for them.  Instead of Christmas presents, we do thanksgiving presents for the teachers…. just so the kids can list all the reasons they’re thankful that they’re in their class.  Also, since I’m usually hefting a pretty heavy load on the Christmas (oh, I’m sorry — holiday) parties, I don’t have to think about those.  This year we did movie tickets.  Hopefully they can go find a movie they’d enjoy over the weekend.  I’m pretty sure Conner’s teacher has been dying to see New Moon. :)

3.  Cars.  I’m just so grateful we have cars that are there for us, they don’t usually die and they work when we turn the key.  We weren’t quite so lucky when we were first married and I’m always thankful I have a way to get the kids to school.  I know now that Satan is rubbing his hot little hands trying to ruin my festive enjoyment — but boo.  I still love my cars.

4.  My job.  I took some pictures of a stillborn yesterday, they didn’t want to call a professional photographer, so I did the best I could with our crappy work camera.  It’s a special feeling to know how important those pictures might be.  I’m grateful to make a difference in people’s lives.  I am also determined to be excited to go to work — to make that difference (not be afraid of what might await me).

5.  Family Home Evening.  I feel more and more pressure to tell our kids the right things, to keep them on the right track.  I’m so glad we have an evening each week to talk about values, and ways that we can work to be better people.  Don’t get me wrong, there are several times I am VERY UN-thankful for this, but I know it’s important.

So, happy Thanksgiving.  We’re having ham, cranberry jello salad, sweet potatoes, crecent rolls, white cracker pie*, and apple pie.  I hate turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing — and this is just one of the many benefits to doing Thanksgiving with just our family.  I hope the day is just as enjoyable for you and yours.

*My grandma used to make this, and I found-out my Aunt had a recipe, my cousin sent it to me and I made it.  I love making things that my family used to make.  Besides the temple, the thing that ties me to another generations are the things they do, that I can do now.  So grateful for my Grandma.  Who knows how it will taste, but it was probably the process more than the eating.

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    Your thanksgiving meal still sounds wonderful.

    I am thankful for all of those things, too. Great list. :) (And thanks for the white cracker pie explanation!)

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