Friday, November 13, 2009


Blogging rut.
Blog reading rut.
Life rut.
Finding a large amount of joy organizing my canned goods can't be a good thing
Can it?
Maybe I'll find something amusing to write about one of these days.  Just not up to a favorites Friday.
In other news, Conner lost another jacket.  That's #3...
{big freaking sigh}
What would you do?  He's 9.


  1. Hey Hilary,

    I took some time today to read a lot of your blog. I confess I haven't been a regular reader of some of the blogs I like. Probably something with trying to focus a little more on my little ones. Anyway I just had to say I enjoyed reading it. I love what you are doing with the recipes and health questions. As you know I have just started my blog (thanks for the comments!) Anyway I saw your post about Technorati. I know a little about this but was wondering if you could let me know more about what this is?

    Keep up the fantastic blogging it truly was worth my time during my baby's nap.

  2. Eden's a jacket looser too! After 2 I sent him in his sisters. Then he lost it. Drives me nuts.

  3. Sharon9:45 AM

    two ideas: goodwill (even cheaper than kid to kid) and also figure out where/when he's taking them off. I see lots of kids who take theirs off during PE or at lunch while playing and then leave them out on the blacktop or somewhere. Maybe he can make it a practice when leaving school to ask if he wore a jacket that day then retrace his steps to look. At our school if they are left out overnight they are gone. I'm sure you've checked lost and found....


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