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I know I go on and on about what a great budgeters we are, and how we stick to it and we don’t buy many groceries, but it just flew out the window this week!  I said to myself, “Self, you have GOT to stop buying food.”

For, you see — the winter months are the times that things you can stock up on go on sale.  Cream soups, canned veggies, the whole nine yards.  So, yes — I have stocked up.

But, then I go overboard.

It’s insane.

I mean, I don’t have it planned out to the miligram, but I’m fairly sure we could go a year with the food we have around here, and it wouldn’t be tortillas with rice and beans either.

So, I’m putting us on a little spending fast.  I want to keep the grocery budget under 40 each week.  I need to decide what’s REALLY a good deal, that we REALLY need and then end it there.

Again, there’s a fine line between preparedness and hoarding, and I walk it…

Sadly, I don’t look good in a leotard and tights….

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