TMI — it’s your loss people.

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Well, I have no thoughts or questions on this fine TMI Tuesday.

It is, however the Thanksgiving feast at school, has me remembering back to when Conner did it, I hate how kids grow-up but I love how they each do the same things, rites of passage.

Spencer will be passing through the day as an indian (Conner was a pilgrim).  As I was walking in today, Spencer was telling our pricipal that P is also going to dress-up as an indian (Spencers first halloween costume was an Indian, so I  thought she could wear it (and it would help her stay warm).  The pricipal corrected us in saying that it was a Native American, I said — no, she’d be an indian, I made the costume so I could call it whatever I wanted….

For some reason it being the Pilgrims and the Native Americans just isn’t as fun.

Cowboys and Native Americans

Native American summer…

It’s just not he same ring people, it’s just not the same. 

In other news, guess who is now officially off family leave, I go back to work tomorrow, and actually a lot this week.  I have decided I really need a new attitude about work.  I usually dread going, and generally, I have a really nice time while I’m there.  I feel competant and happy with my co-workers.  Of course, there are rare occasions I end-up frustrated.  I want to look forward to going to work.  That’s not to say that I enjoy it as much as being home with my family, but I should enjoy the things I do.  So, it’s something I’m going to work on.  Plus, word on the street we have a new contract.  I sure hope our raise is retroactive… or that we have a raise… or that I have a nap today.  Either one….

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