What’s Up Wednesday? Conner Meets the Mosaic Law

That’s right, if he pokes my eye out I’m gonna put a rod in the fire and poke out his own.

Well, maybe not that much — but the kid needs a reality check.

This morning:
“Conner, are your teeth brushed?”
(toothbrush dry as a bone)
10 minutes later:
“Mom, when are you gonna pack my lunch?”
“It’s already done.”
“No it’s not.”
“Sure it is, why wouldn’t you beleive me?”
then I smile and ask him how it feels to be lied to.
Problem is, I think he’s lying as easily as he does brush his teeth, it comes naturally right now, and I am NOT OK with that.  At all.

In response to the jacket situation I decided that paying for a new one with his allowance just wasn’t harsh enough, he’s going to work for minimum wage in order to pay for a new one.  I figure a new hoodie (not on sale, just a hoodie) is about 20 bucks.  He’ll be doing 3 hours of work in order to pay for it.  I will act like a manager, and I told him if I fire him he’ll have to wait a week to start a “new job”.  He’s also not getting hired to do anything until next week.  He needs to experience coldness.

Yes, I am that mean.

In other news, he’s doing pretty well in school, especially math olympiad.  I guess they work on really hard math problems together, and then they take quizes once a month and compete with other schools.  He’ really enjoying it.  I really need to focus on the good parts of him lately.

Oh , did I mention he got silly putty stuck in his hair on Sunday and then decided to just cut it out.  He is now sportin’ a nice bald spot on the top of his head.  It’s super cool.

Thinking positive… thinking positive… right?

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  1. says

    Kids truly teach us patience and creativity. We have a lady in our ward whose four year old son decided to give his little sister a mullet. Unfortunately only on one side of her head. She just decided to buzz it all and try out all the cute headband/bow combinations there are available today.

  2. says

    I like your methods…
    I think I like the mental image of a cold, bald spotted 9 year old even more…
    That sounded harsh. I really do think he’s great.
    What a funny kid.

  3. says

    You are an awesome mom.

    Bria is forever cutting stuff out of her hair, and always has weird things sticking up.

    Right now she has pseudo bangs that are finally maybe grown out to an acceptable point. She got a comb stuck in her hair and instead of asking for help just got out the scissors.

  4. Sharon says

    Julia and Conner are kindred spirits in haircuts and more. And the lying…yes, stop it now no matter what. Too easy for kids to get into the habit of it.

    Yesterday I went to put on my makeup and my eyeliner was just gone. Hmmm, obviously Julia as she’s the one with sticky fingers and also the only other one who wears makeup. So I stole something of hers and didn’t tell her. It was awesome. and I think it made my point when she couldn’t find her itouch :)

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