Wednesday, November 04, 2009

What's Up Wednesday

P is what's up. I feel like I'm just grasping at straws to keep her tiny. She's growing and growing and it's just making me sadder and sadder... {sigh}

My baby is getting so alert. All the sudden toys are exciting, and she lays on her belly and studys everyone and every thing.

Naps, lately, have been from about 9 am til' 11:30'ish and 2 to 4'ish... and sometimes one at dinner time, depending on how the other two went. She usually does well at night, not so well lately.... We have yet to start solids but it's on my list for the week. That's not my favorite thing...

She continues to have a "strawberry" on her back (it has a technical term, but it escapes me right now) but it's large, red and raised a bit. I find it endearing, and I'm glad it's not in a place that it will bother her. Supposidly it's going to disappear by the time she hits puberty/adulthood -- who knows. Thanksfully it's just on her back.

I can't get enough of her clothes. I love these two outfits that I used for her pictures:

It's really just sickening how much I'm in love with this baby. She's my world right now and we have so much fun together. Sleeping seems to be getting back on track after the whole shots/I want to be social because I'm now so darn cute thing. Everyone loves her though. The boys still love to play with her and giggles are like an Emmy around here.

I was thinking back to last Halloween when I annouced I was pregnant. It was indeed a scary time, but the sun shines now. And she can wear a sweater like nobody else's business.


  1. sharon11:26 AM

    she's so, so cute! I really NEED to babysit :)

  2. I'd be in love with her, too. I love how our babies help us rediscover that.

  3. I hear ya-she is darling!

  4. She has the most adorable dimples! (from Amy who reads often but usually lurks)

  5. She's such a darn cute little munchkin! oh, and I believe the "strawberry" is called a Hemangioma? (sp?)


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