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We had the chruch’s PR people come talk to us (we have people in our area who are “called”* to do area Public Relations — they’re not a firm, just regular church people, who most likely know a thing or two about PR, and I stress “most likely”).

They just talked about how low of a “likeability” factor our church has.  I was really taken aback.  I apparently live in a dream world.  Among US religions we rank right above Muslims for likeability.  Everyone else comes before us.  {sigh}  I just want to be liked, is that so much to ask?

The church feels that a large part of this is because people feel our church to be “mysterious”.  Most people say they don’t know a Mormon, but chances are that they do.  You know me… am I mysterious (although, I’m guessing at least 1 in 4 people who read this blog are LDS)?

Anyway, that’s not what this blog is really about.  They said that any publicity is good publicity.  I was really taken aback by this.  Yes, I think news stories about our religion are generally good, and people sharing that they’re LDS with their co-workers and neighbors is great.  However, I just wasn’t a fan of the publicity around Prop 8.  I guess good things have come from it, but I can’t feel like it’s all a great thing.

Anyway, what do you think.  Do you think that guy who most likely killed his wife in West Valley… if he’s LDS, isn’t that great.  We’ll get a lot of talk time on the news….

I did, however, like this.  I think we need to be able to laugh at ourselves, although you KNOW if they did this about jews or catholics they’d have to apologize the next night.  If anything people know we can take a joke — because everyone likes to make them.

Oh, and Orrin Hatch… wow.

*Callings in our church are jobs that you are willing to accept for a period of time.  No one in our church is paid for any of these positions.

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    That’s interesting. But it’s also true that most people who actually know a mormon think that we are good people. It’s all about putting a face on it.

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    Honestly, I cringed my way through most of that presentation (hopefully no one who presented it is reading this) – a bunch of their numbers/statistics just seemed really wrong. (Not that the original guy who did the research was wrong, but the conclusions they were coming to were really odd.)

    And I totally don’t believe that any publicity is good publicity. That’s why it’s called “good” or “bad”. Making someone aware of the LDS church doesn’t do much good if they end up completely misinformed.

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    Living out here has really opened my eyes to it. Out west, more people know about Mormons. Even in California. There are enough of them that most people do know about them and probably even know one.

    Out here, where there are such tiny branches, people have NO idea. We have had so many opportunities to just explain little things about ourselves that seem totally obvious. But it’s not. People just don’t know. And then, there is a denomination here that is very anti-Mormon (they are the main Christian denomination in this area) and that makes it even harder.

    I was slightly bugged by Conan’s thing. It was funny, but it wasn’t accurate, either, so that’s what bothered me. And the fact that it’s okay to bash Mormons and nobody else, because, you’re right. Do that to the Jews or the Blacks and there would be a huge backlash.

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