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Ok, I hate blogs that do contests (not a contest every now and then, constant contests — they are annoying).  I’m also not a big fan of advertising on your site but I was actually going to write a blog about doing my calendars and cards on the same site, and they just happened to have a widget that we can add (and frankly, I get $$ if you buy from them — but that’s not what it’s all about).

I just bought the wall calendar (using my own photos, of course) and my Christmas cards, which I’m doing as postcards with our family letter on the back.  I’ve seen their stuff — no, it’s no mpix, but it’s pretty good.  The site is like a dinosaur and not particularly easy to navigate, but I got through.  There’s also a code out there for free shipping off 50$ orders (I had to order 6 dollars more, but ended-up saving like 17 bucks on shipping).  They also gave me a free mousepad.

All in all I got the calendar, the cards (100 of them — front and back printed), a stamp, some family business cards (I think these are very cool when your kid has a playdate or whatnot), and some sticky notes for 56 bucks.  The calendars alone usually cost me 40’ish.  Anyway.  There you go.  Do with it as you will. :)  Widget’s on the right, or click here.

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    If you ever get their emails for free stuff I have found if you go directly from the email on each free item you can get the maximum allowed. Am I making sense? I personalize notepads for the kids teachers or shopping lists, pens for gifts and T-shirts. all for the shipping charge and that’s it. Just a few bucks.

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