Breaks in Threes

Turns out everyone's right. They kept saying "gosh Hilary — it's too
bad your washer and your furnace have both died, but you know they go
in threes."
Well, boo — turns out #3 is P's eardrum. Found it all bloody and
disgusting this afternoon. She'd been a little ornry, but not much…
I mean, there are like 9 things we could also attribute fussiness
So, the three are done, it's time for sunshine and roses now, right?
Perhaps money falling from heaven like Manna?

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Merry Christmas to all!
Any News is Good News


  1. says

    Oh my gosh! How does that even happen? Was it pressure changes from the elevation or something? Give her kisses for me and tell Spencer to stop talking right in her ear! lol

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